Our COVID -19 activities:

Hotel status

The hotel is open and we accept reservations all the time. Would you like to visit us? Don’t be afraid to come!

Hotel security – in order to secure your stay, we have taken the following steps:

  • Only accommodated persons, restaurant guests, and staff stay on the premises.
  • Our personnel has been properly prepared for the pandemic and is equipped with protective measures as well as additional disinfectants.
  • Each room is properly disinfected and generally cleaned before your arrival.
  • Antibacterial soap is provided in each room.
  • Right after entering the facility, you will find a contactless feeder with an antibacterial liquid.
  • Our restaurant operates following the sanitary recommendations on site.
  • We offer safe take-out packaging on your request.
  • Public areas are thoroughly disinfected every day.

Direct contact

If you need help or have any questions for us regarding booking or precautions, please contact us by phone: 91 321 44 03 or by e-mail: forms of contact are available 24 /7.

Useful information

If you have worrying symptoms (such as high fever, cough, and breathlessness), contact the National Health Fund helpline 800 190 590, or use the search engine for an infectious hospital or the Main Sanitary Inspectorate facility

You may view all available offers and make a reservation on our website All packages available there are constantly updated.


Additional questions?

Answers to frequently asked questions can be found in the Information section.
Feel free to contact us: Contact form, phone number +48 91 321 44 03

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